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Jimmy was known as a permanent fixture of 'Tin Pan Alley', within a few square blocks of New York Cities Downtown, was home to The Brill Building, 1650 Broadway,  and the Paramount Building that housed the Record Companies, Recording studios, Publishing Houses restaurants and Clubs that were the heart of american popular music... especially in the early sixties. Hit records from such notable talents as Clyde McPhatter, The Andrews Sisters, Walter Jackson, Jackie Wilson, The Chiffons, and Etta James had their humble beginings at pianos located in the offices of the Tin Pan Alley Songsmiths.

This site will examine the career of the man as a prolific songwriter, A sometimes recording artist probably best known by discerning Soul Music enthusiast for his reading of the Bacharach-David song "Long After Tonight Is All Over", made an anthem of the famed Wigan Casino allnighters in the North of England, as well as his record and television and radio jingle productions. My Plan is to change the image of a guy who was once called  "One Of Soul Music's Best-Known Unknowns", by a rather uninformed writer of liner notes, to that of one of the many great artist of the era not appreciated at the time for their many contributions but who's Ship Is Coming In!

Question # 1) Why Didn't Jimmy Release More Records?

That's A Good Question And The One That Started Me On My Journey.

The Answer Is Equally As Good, You See As An Artist, Especially A Singer, Of Course You Want The Acceptance And Recognition Of The Public At Large, And There's No Better Example Of That Than A
Hit Record, But Jimmy's Work Within The Music Industry Was Two Fold.. He Was A Singer-Songwriter.
And Though At The Onset Of His Career He Was Determined To Make Records In The Interim He Made
A Living Crafting R&B And Pop Tunes. A Little Over 300 In Total!!
The Really Interesting Aspect Of All Of This Is That Jimmy Was One Of The Most Recorded Singers In New
York During The Sixties And Early Seventies As Both A Demo And Commercial Jingle Session Singer. He Literally Sang On Over 1,600 Sessions!  Bernie Knee, Ann Gilbert, Jimmy And A Small Handful Of Other Singers Were The Heart And Soul Of New York's Session Vocalists.


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